Key management server
There are two ways to secure important documents; One is to control access to the documents. The other is to encrypt the documents themselves. Even if a document were stolen from the server, it would be impossible to decrypt the data, provided that the encryption used is strong enough. When a person with appropriate authority needs to view part of a document, the key which is necessary for decryption of that particular item can be issued. This product offers the possibility of minutely controlled access to specific parts of documents where access can depend on issuing authorities.
Linux client management tool

An administrator, inevitably, is very busy when a number of LINUX clients are in operation. People on client machines continually ask for help or suggestions. The FusionSys client management tool is designed to significantly reduce the burden on such administrators. The tool enables administrators to control the number of clients installed and to update them to the same version.
In addition:

1) It is possible to forbid users of client PCs to install applications on their own.
2) It is possible to forbid users of client PCs to customize for themselves.
3) It is possible to control client PC desktops and settings.
4) It is possible to make Linux-based Japanese front-end processors*, such as Canna and Wnn, behave like Windows-based, more familiar front-end processors, such as IME and ATOK.
5) When the load average of some machines is high, error messages or warnings are generated. The transition of the load average or information on users is summarized in neat reports.

FusionSys CAI

This product was originally developed for a national university in Japan (Yokohama National University). It has been used for more than 2 yeas there and enjoys a very good reputation.

FusionSys CAI has the following characteristics:
1) The program provides appropriate content depending on user ability and progress
2) the program can be used as an e-learning tool for corporate education in companies.

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